Why is Fortnite so addictive?

This article originally appeared on the New Scientist website. 

In this week’s issue of New Scientist, Gareth Hughes and David Wilson offers some insight into the design of Fortnites craziness. 

“Fortnite’s creators are renowned for their innovative game mechanics,” they write.

“In addition to the crazy mechanics, the game’s designers are also known for incorporating gameplay elements into their creations.

The craziest thing about Fortnits craziness is that, as in so many other games, it’s actually not a real world.

It’s a computer simulation.” Fortnites has been criticised by some players for its high difficulty. 

The creators have said it “doesn’t really take itself seriously, and its mechanics are designed to be as simple as possible for a casual player”. 

In an email to Ars Technica, Liz Johnson, the lead developer at Rockstar Games, said: “The only reason Fortnited is so popular is because it’s so easy to play, because there’s no real learning curve.” 

The New Scientist article also talks about how the game “makes you feel like a child in the midst of a video game”. 

It talks about the game being an “amazing, surreal adventure”.

“You get into this weird, alien world, where your friends are real people and your enemies are zombies,” it says.

“But the game also makes you feel a little bit like a kid in the middle of a strange video game, so the game is really fun for everyone.” 

In addition, the article talks about what makes the game so good. 

It says that the developers wanted to create a game where “the player feels as if they were in a video-game universe, where the world is different from the real world”. 

The article also notes that, in addition to Fortniting, other games include FIFA 16, Battlefield 1, Minecraft and Star Wars Battlefront II. 

Finally, the article points out that Fortnitors is playing on PC, but the developers have said it’s not compatible with consoles. 

Source: New Scientist