Why do I need to get an iOS game to run on an iPhone?

Here’s a fun one: a developer who uses the iPhone is looking to get the game running on the device’s new iOS 8-based operating system, AppleInsider reports.

The developer is using an app called iOS GameCenter and has found a way to get a game to work on the iPhone, though the developer’s app isn’t a full-fledged game — it’s just a simple way to connect an existing game to an iPhone app.

It also isn’t able to load an app that’s already running on an iOS device, but this developer says it’s possible to get around this issue with some additional tweaks to the iOS Game Center application.

“The only way I can get this game to play is to get it running on iOS 8, so I can try it on my iOS 7 device,” the developer said.

“Then I can install iOS 8 onto that device, and the game will work as it normally would on an existing iPhone.”

For iOS 8 users, this means that the game would work on an older iPhone 5s, but it wouldn’t work on a new iPhone 5.

“The only thing it does differently is the iPhone 5’s RAM and the iPhone 4S’s RAM, but you’re still limited to 256MB of RAM on iOS 7 and iOS 8,” the user wrote.

The iOS Game Theater app also allows the developer to create custom game modes.

This is a little more complicated because iOS 8 doesn’t provide any options for creating a custom game mode — iOS doesn’t even provide a way for the developer (or the developer app) to specify what kind of game mode to include.

“I’m not going to try to create a game that I can play on my iPhone 5 and then add the game to the iPhone Game Center app, and then tell the game on the iOS App Store that it should play in a custom mode,” the app developer wrote.

“I’m just going to do it this way, and hope to find someone who can do this for me.

It would be great if this was possible on other devices, but for now, I’m not really worried about that.

It’s only a small step in a huge game.”

This is the first time iOS 8 has been available to developers, though this is one of the first instances in which Apple has added the ability to import an existing app to the device.

iOS 8 is still a work in progress and many apps have yet to receive the upgrade.

In fact, Apple hasn’t updated the iOS 7-specific Game Center to allow developers to import games from iOS 7 apps, which could potentially prevent users from downloading and installing the latest games.

The next big update to iOS is iOS 10.