Which games are the best in the history of gaming?

We’ve all seen the trailers, and they always look like a dream come true.

The next-gen consoles are getting ready for launch, and the first-person shooter genre is being pushed to the next level with the addition of shooters like Overwatch, Halo 5: Guardians and Diablo III.

But, what if you were to try and come up with a list of the best games of all time?

Well, there’s a lot of games on that list, but there are a few big names that have come to dominate that list.

That’s because the best video games of the last 20 years are all from different genres.

The list includes a number of classic franchises, including the classics from the first two generations of consoles.

But you’ll find something even bigger in the top 10: classic first-party games that were created by the likes of EA and Ubisoft.

You can even get into the history with a quick search on the internet for the first games that made their debut on the platform.

The game lists that we’ve created are by no means comprehensive, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.