Which game design teams are on the rise and which are on a downward spiral?

On Friday, the Associated Press published a report claiming that the company behind popular game WoW, Blizzard Entertainment, is in decline.

The report claimed that the WoW team at Blizzard is being cut in half.

The team’s number of employees has dwindled from about 200 people to less than 100.

WoW developer Brian Fargo, the former Blizzard developer who now works at Riot Games, was named the new CEO of the company on Saturday.

Fargo, who has been working on the MMO for more than five years, previously said he was leaving Blizzard in early 2018.

The news came just days after the company announced it had been purchased by Japanese gaming giant SoftBank for $3.6 billion.

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Fargo said he would be leaving Blizzard because “it’s not going to last” as a company.

“I think it’s time for a fresh start,” he said.

“We’re in a place now where we’re not in a position to sustain ourselves as a gaming company.

It’s not sustainable.”

Fargo was previously at the company where he was the chief game designer, with the team developing the game World of Warcraft.

He joined Blizzard as a developer at the age of 25.

“It was a real privilege to be part of the creative and strategic team at the time when we had the biggest community in the history of the game,” Fargo said.

He went on to lead the company for more two years before leaving in 2019.