When I die, it will be with a smile, said Gianluca Zampalli

Football Italiano title Gianlucio Zampalisi on Juventus v Roma article The first time we met, Gianlacos Zampali was only 23 years old and he was already working in a restaurant.

I asked him what it was like to become the first player to score a goal against Juventus and he said it was a dream.

“I had a dream, too,” he recalled.

“When I came here, I was just a kid, and I thought, I can do this.

When I was 21, I had a really good year.

And when I started playing, I became a top player, and after that, everything changed.”

Zampalli started his career with Roma but joined Juventus in 2007, where he was a key player.

He joined Inter Milan as a 17-year-old in 2011 and won Serie A titles and Champions League.

Zampalis said that when he was 20, he left Italy for Italy, and it was in Italy that he started to really realise his potential.

“It was a very special moment for me, I think,” he said.

“And I thought it would be a great journey for me.

It’s a very good feeling to have an opportunity to play at a great club like Juventus.”

When he was at Juventus, Zampalos career began to turn.

“In Juventus, I made a lot of friends, I grew up with a great atmosphere.

It was a good club, I liked to play football, and there were very good fans,” he explained.

Zamps career started to take off after Inter Milan’s 2-1 win over Napoli in Serie A in December 2011, when he scored the equaliser.

“The fans were very nice, they loved me and I loved them.

It made me really happy.

I was able to stay at the club,” he revealed.

“A few months later, I started to work at a restaurant in Rome.

After that, I thought I would enjoy the first step to being a professional footballer.”

In December 2014, Zamps career took a new turn.

His first team came to life in Serie B, where Zampos first team success was secured.

“We won the league and I was the first to score.

It changed my life,” he remembered.

“But the following year, we lost the league to Fiorentina.

I knew I wanted to continue my career and that’s why I moved to the Italian Super Cup, where I scored a lot.

It gave me another motivation to stay.

I always played for Juve and for Inter, and Juventus, and in the end, I left Juve for Inter Milan.”

The next year, Juventus won the Serie A title and Zampalys first season in Italy was over.

“I was very happy for Inter,” Zampallo recalled.

Juventus had an exciting season, and Zamps first season at the Bianconeri was over, but he was happy to leave the club.

“Juventus was one of the most amazing teams of all time, and this was my dream.

And it was my time in Turin,” he concluded.

The futureZampali, who has played for Milan, Lazio, Napoli, Juventus, Fiorena, AC Milan, AC Roma and Fiorence, says that he wants to continue playing for the best team in Italy.

“My first year with Inter, I won the Coppa Italia,” he reflected.

“That’s a great honor.

And after that I was with Inter for a year.

It felt like a good life.

But the next year I left, and that was the last time I played for Inter.”

The future for JuventusZampalos future is very clear, he said, but how will he stay fit and ready to play?

“I’m not thinking about that right now.

But I’ll have to talk about that with my family and then I will see how I will do.

I’ll keep going until the end.

It will be a difficult year for me because I’m going to play a lot,” he admitted.

“This is the last year in my career, and the next one is the best.”