What you need to know about VR and augmented reality (4:13)

What’s the best way to learn about VR or augmented reality?

This question is a lot of work, but it’s one that’s important to answer.

In this episode of Mashable’s VR and AR series, we’re going to dig into the research behind these technologies.

You’ll find some new technology and new ways to play with it, as well as a new way to understand and share it.

If you’re curious, we’ve also included some VR demos for you to try out.

Read on for our picks for best VR headsets and apps.

Read moreVirtual reality and augmented realities (VR and AR) are two very different types of virtual and augmented environments that let you move around in a 3D environment with virtual hands, eyes, and feet.

While they’re still not quite in the same league as the virtual world, they’re getting close.

We’ll talk about how VR and the technology behind it works, how to learn it, and how to build your own virtual reality or augmented-reality experiences.

Read our complete guide to VR and virtual reality.

We want to thank everyone who participated in our previous episode, and we’d also like to thank the following companies for sponsoring our series:Apple and Google are among the companies who are using the technologies we’re showcasing in this episode, including Oculus, Leap Motion, and HTC.

You can find out more about these technologies in our hands-on article from October.

We also want to shout out Oculus for helping us cover the research, and for making the podcast possible.

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