What to do when your boss dies in your first game

Designers at UMass Amherst have made their first game about a guy who accidentally gets a job at a company whose founder died in the game.

The game, called UMass, will be published in 2017 by developer The Playroom Games.

The game’s first teaser trailer shows a guy, who goes by “Pete,” in his office trying to get an early release of UMass.

Pete, a game designer, and his coworker are in their first day of work when the company’s founder, Michael J. Smith, dies.

That’s when Pete and his coworkers decide to create a game about Smith, and decide to start a Kickstarter to fund their project.

The Playroom Game has already received $7,500 in pledges from backers.

The company is working on a Kickstarter campaign for its sequel.

The Kickstarter page has raised more than $70,000 so far, and the game is already in production.

The studio said the game will be a fun, unique experience.

It is unclear whether the game has a release date yet.