What happens when you put a game about a game designer on a toy line?

IGN: How did you make the Transformers: TF toy line your own?

Furby: My father, who had always been a huge fan of Transformers, had an interest in toy lines, so we started off as a toy shop.

And we eventually got into toy design.

We’ve since sold over 4 million Transformers toys.

And Transformers has become one of my favorite franchises.

And I love toys.

We did a few other toys for toys, and the Transformers toys really grew on us.

We started out with a couple of different toy lines and now we’re doing some big-name franchises.

We’re getting to the point where we have about a million Transformers licensed and licensed characters, so there’s a lot of toys out there, and it’s a great time to be a toy maker.

I’m glad I got to work with Mattel, because it’s really a great place to start.

I like Mattel’s attitude, too.

What was it like working with them?

I got my own studio, and we worked on a few things together, but I’ve always loved working with Mattes toy line.

I think they’re really fun to work on.

It’s an industry, so it’s great to have that freedom.

And did they come up with the idea of a Transformers toy line in the first place?

Furbish: Yes.

Mattel had this idea for a toy company, and they asked us to come up and work on their toy line, so I got involved.

Mattes was the first company to hire a cartoon artist, so the whole idea for the Transformers toy lines started with Mattels cartooning.

So it was fun to be part of the first toy line that they built.

Mattel Toys: It was so fun to make Transformers.

It was a very fun, creative team.

Furby: The fun part was just having fun working on it.

They had a lot more fun working with us than we had working with any other company.

I just thought it was just a fun project.

I loved the challenge, and having a bunch of kids who loved Transformers just helped us grow.

So the fun of it was all the kids who liked the toys and all the parents who had them and all of that.

I love to be able to work in the toys industry.

It really is my dream job.

I have a great job.

I know you’ve had a long run at the company, as well as a lot success, and I imagine you’re pretty confident in your own abilities.

I wonder what you might be able do with another toy company?

Furu: Well, I’m pretty confident that we can build a good, solid line, and if there’s an opportunity we can get in a better position with a toy manufacturer.

I’m very confident in the ability of the guys in our studio.

We have a lot in common.

It just depends on what they do.

We do a lot the same stuff.

I’d love to work for another company.

The toys are a lot alike, and there’s the same things that I do, the same challenges, and everything else is just a matter of opportunity.

I would love to get a toy to work.

I’ve got a lot to learn.

I still haven’t gotten the first one to work well, so if I can get that one to do well, I’ll be fine.