UK TV shows to get a major makeover, with new series, shows in cinemas and online content

From BBC America to BBC iPlayer to BBC Wales, the UK is bringing its shows to a wider audience and it will do so in a big way. 

With the UK’s new television series series being announced this week, the BBC has unveiled what it will be using to bring its shows up to speed with modern digital platforms. 

The BBC Wales website is set to launch in the new year with new online content, including news and entertainment sections, as well as a new channel called BBC iPlay, which will bring live streaming video to the UK. 

Here’s what you need to know: TV Series will have their own online channel and be streamed in the UK on BBC iPLAYThe new BBC Wales channels will be available to all viewers the new series will debut on BBCiPlay on December 3 and the channel will become available to download in January to give viewers access to programmes on demandBBCiPlay is a streaming service that lets viewers access programmes on a wide range of platforms and devices. 

For example, on BBC One, it will allow users to watch programmes on the BBC iplayer and on BBC Two, it allows users to stream programmes on the BBC Vue or BBC iView and so on. 

On BBC iShow, it allows users to view programmes on-demand, and on BBC iPulse, it lets users watch programmes live on-air, or stream programmes in their entirety via the BBC iPlayer and BBC Vue and to watch live on-demand at BBC Sport. 

There are also streaming services available on the channel that offer programmes for free on demand. 

These are available on BBC iPlayer and BBC iView. 

If you want to see all of the new series in cinemascope and online, you can find them on BBCiPLAY and BBC iWatch. 

We’ve already been told there will be a new episode of The Black Room (an upcoming drama about the lives of two men in prison), and a new series of The First Doctor (a drama about a fictional doctor in the 60s) and another new series of Doctor Who  (a drama about a time travel adventure adventures between a man and a woman from the 60’s and 70s). 

On the BBC Wales channel, you’ll also find a number of BBC iRadio shows, including BBC iTelevision, BBC iTalk and BBC iSelect. 

You’ll also be able to catch up on the latest BBC Radio 4 news, BBC News and the BBC News app. 

And BBC Wales is also working on a new online version of BBC Radio 5 live. 

What’s new: The BBC  s new TV series is expected to air on the new BBCI channel, BBCTV , bbctv, thebbtv and  The new series is to be available to all broadcasters and cable and satellite companies, including Sky, Virgin, Virgin Media, S4C and Virgin Media HD. 

However, the series will not be available to all households in the UK, and there are some exclusives available on some of the channels. 

One of the cables which will only be in cinemas is BBC Radio 4 which will only be available via iplayer as well as the BBC iStream and theBBC iPlay services. 

Another special is that it will be available on BBC TV in the US where iStream is available for $9.99 per month and iPlay for $7.99 (for the first month). 

The series will also be made available via BBC World on  iPod, iPad and iTable devices and via Sky iView.