UCLA students face punishment for playing bad game design

The UCLA University of California, Los Angeles, has imposed a maximum of four months of community service for students who created a bad game called “Bad Game Design.”

The game is currently available for purchase on Amazon.com, and the students involved in creating it face a maximum fine of $1,000, the school said in a statement.

The students, who all attended the school for about a year and a half, were suspended for the time being after one of their students posted a video on social media about the game, and another student responded to the video with criticism, according to a statement by the university.

The students then posted the video to YouTube and Facebook.

In the video, the students are seen making their own version of the game called Bad Game Design, and one of them describes the game as being similar to the popular game Farmville.

The game is intended to be a social experiment where players play a game with a bunch of other players and then try to win.

The other players then vote on the best strategy to use to win the game.

“In response to this video, several students were suspended and subsequently suspended from UCLA,” the school wrote.

“As part of the community service program, we will be using video analytics to track our students’ social interactions, and we will continue to monitor the comments sections of their posts to ensure they are not encouraging others to engage in criminal activity.”

The school also posted a list of students who have been suspended as of March 2.

UCLA Chancellor John Hennessy also announced that all students who are suspended will be offered counseling, and students who fail to complete their service could face a $1-per-month fine.

“As we continue to investigate this matter, we are pleased that the students who posted this video will not face the consequences of their actions,” the university said.

“While we know that the videos are not representative of the university community, we believe they do not reflect the values of UCLA.”

The university’s decision came after a student at a campus event posted the comments in a post on the Facebook page of the University of Oregon, the university’s flagship campus.

The post was subsequently removed.

University of Oregon students have also been known to take part in “bad game” discussions in which they use the phrase “we’re all in this together” to express solidarity with one another.

In May, a student of the same school told a professor at the university that he had developed a game that had a character named “The Black Widow” in which he could shoot people in the head.

The professor told the student he was a “racist” for making such a racist game, the student said in the post.