Twitter users are asking for an explanation of the ‘frozen’ logo

Redditors have begun a fresh round of questioning the new Twitter logo.

The logo, which is being rolled out globally, is being criticized as a “frozen” image that resembles a bird with a bow and arrow, and has been interpreted as the logo of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The controversy began after users posted a picture of a chicken on Twitter and noted that the word “frost” was missing from the word, “fry.”

The “f” was replaced by a circle and a star.

“Frozen” is one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, and the logo is a popular logo among the company’s users.

But the Twitter logo has not been officially released, and some have questioned the quality of the artwork, with some wondering if it is made from recycled paper.

“I’m pretty sure the chicken was made from a piece of cardboard,” user The_Buck_Shit_Up posted on Reddit.

“I would like to see the team at Twitter to go back and fix this and put in the word ‘frost’ somewhere instead of ‘fry.'”

Another user, @lady_jean, suggested that the logo was “made by the internet’s worst designers” and that they “did something terrible.”

“I would say the artist responsible for this logo has a lot of time on their hands, but the team responsible for the design is probably not that bad,” she wrote.

The Twitter logo will be rolling out globally in April.