NHL: We’ll have some interesting games this year

NHLPA Executive Director Gary Bettman is on the hunt for some interesting NHL games this season.

In fact, he has a number of games in mind for fans.

Bettman announced on Thursday the league will host “two of the best games in the NHL, and I have the highest hopes for each.”

That’s not a typo: Two of the top games in a league with a total of more than 1,400 games will be played.

The first game, which Bettman said will be the NHL All-Star Game, will take place on Jan. 31 in Detroit.

Bettman says the Detroit game will be a “tournament-style, full-contact, physical, fun” game.

Bertman said the league is looking for a new format to play in for the All-Stars.

He said it would be similar to the NHLPA’s All-star game, and would be “very competitive.”

The NHL is also looking at hosting a game in a different city than its All- Star Game in the future.

The league has had a lot of success in this area, with the New Jersey Devils hosting a World Cup of Hockey game at Nassau Coliseum in 2016.

There is one other game that Bettman mentioned on Thursday that is being considered, though Bettman declined to name it.

The NHL has been planning a World War II game in 2018, and the league has also been looking into a game to celebrate the centennial of the United States of America.