‘It’s Time to Get Real’ – Game Design is a ‘Possible Future’

The Irish Games Commission has approved a proposal by a group of game design students to publish their game design books.

The proposal will be presented at the commission’s annual conference this week.

The commission has been considering the idea of publishing books since 2014, when the commission published the book ‘The Art of Games’ which was widely criticised.

At the time, then-vice president of the Irish Games and Design Association Michael Murphy said the books were “an important part of the portfolio” and should not be published without their approval.

“The commission is committed to the growth of the industry and supporting the careers of game designers, writers, and artists,” Mr Murphy said at the time.

“The books, however, should not have been published without the permission of the publishers.”

The proposals submitted by the students will be released under the title ‘The Game Design Book’ and they will also include a preface that will outline the contents of the books and the author’s credentials.

The proposals also include the names of the writers, illustrators and designers.

“Game designers and game designers in general are among the most well-respected in the industry.

We are interested in creating books which can help students achieve their dreams and ambitions in the field of game development,” said Ms Fergal O’Connor, chair of the commission.

The book will also contain the names and contact details of the members of the team who have contributed to the books.

“We want to be very clear about our aim and that the books are intended for those who aspire to be game designers,” Ms O’Connors said.

The group has also submitted a short outline of their books.

The school said the book will be published under the name ‘Game Design’ and will have a cover design by Stephen Pyle, with illustrations by Fiona O’Connell, editor-in-chief of Game Design magazine.