How to create a game that’s ‘game-play-first’

Play 2 Girls: Game Design Certificate (G2G) article Game design certificate.

This is a qualification that’s usually required by game makers, for instance, in order to enter the Games2Girls Games design contest.

The process is fairly simple, and the result can be quite valuable, as it can show which skills the students will need to make games that are “game-first” or “user-friendly”.

The qualification is also a good indication of how well the students are prepared to work with others, with students who pass it are usually invited to the G2G competition. 

This is the final qualification that students need to apply for to get into the Games 2 Girls programme.

They need to have a strong understanding of games, and they should also be able to design games that they think people will enjoy playing.

The Games 2 Girl’s course starts from January. 

If you’re looking for more information on the Games, Girls and Games2Girl programme, read our guide to Games and Girls in 2019. 

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