How a mobile game called ‘Stupid Android’ is the best game ever made

The world’s first mobile game that is a complete parody of Android has been awarded a Design Inspiration Award by Apple.

StupidAndroid was created by designer James Fudge and was created as a tribute to Android.

Fudge was inspired to make the game when he was introduced to a game called “Stupid” on a phone he bought on the App Store.

He said the game was “completely broken” and the developers “just couldn’t get it to work”.

“The app was really difficult to understand and I’d played it with friends, but when it came to the actual game itself, I found it completely boring and uninteresting,” he said.

“I’ve never played a game that’s completely made up of little snippets of code.”

When you play a game like this, you’re basically playing it on a completely different platform, a completely separate game.

“So the developers couldn’t figure out how to make it work and they just couldn’t come up with anything that was as easy as the actual app.”

The developers also tried to make an app with a similar design, but the team was unsuccessful.

“Stupid, which is the name of the game, is the first Android game we’ve made,” Mr Fudge said.

“But it’s a perfect example of the way people design games.

I really wanted it to be as perfect as possible.”

The design team created the game with a mix of Android and iOS apps and they’ve released a trailer of the first version of the app on YouTube.

Stupid is a game where players can build a house and explore it to try to survive.

The game’s name comes from the term for “stupid”, a slang term for something that isn’t up to snuff.

The developers hope the app will encourage people to look at the world through the eyes of a person rather than an app, and they want the game to be “fun”.

“When I look at people in a certain way, it’s often about the world around them, and the way that they look,” Mr Suggs said.

Striking a balance between the two genres will be the focus of the team’s future work, Mr Siggs said, but he is also hoping the app’s “fun” nature will appeal to the general public.

“The real beauty of Stupid is that you can play it anywhere and at any time,” he added.

“You can just walk in and play it at your leisure, or if you’re feeling brave and adventurous you can go and play in public.”