Google launches its game design conferences – News

Google has announced its game designers’ conference for next year, which will feature developers and developers of all types, and will be hosted in Mumbai.

Google’s game designers are expected to showcase their latest projects and the technology behind them at the conference, which is expected to take place in Mumbai on May 24-25. 

“We are looking forward to hosting the event with a number of game developers,” Google’s director of game design, Rajeev Khadka, said.

“The games we are working on have become a big part of our lives and we have worked very hard to give them a clear, exciting and engaging experience.

We will give a clear picture of what we are trying to achieve with our game design.”

The company will hold the event in partnership with the India-based design company, Nirmal, to showcase the latest in the industry.

“We have been looking for a good location and time to host the event,” Khadkas said.

He added that Google was “working on making a conference room” at the Mumbai Convention Centre, which would house a separate exhibition area, a conference lounge, and a conference bar.

“The conference will be focused on game design in general, and it will be an opportunity to see the latest developments in the field,” he said.

The company will also host two panels at the event, which include a presentation by game designer Anil Dash, along with another panel by game developer Arvind Narayan.

Nirmal is currently one of the most prominent developers in the game design space.

“Nirma is a pioneer in creating the world’s first open platform for interactive story-telling.

We want to showcase our expertise and technology to help people create games that are interactive, rich, and entertaining,” the company said.

Khadkas is also hoping that the event will inspire the next generation of game designers.

“As a developer, I am looking forward for the opportunity to show my passion for games.

It is exciting to see a group of developers and game designers from all across the world coming together to share ideas, learn from one another and to share the experience of their work,” he added.