Game Design Monash hires veteran game designer for new office space

GAME DESIGN MONASH is expanding its workforce and hiring a veteran game design veteran to take the lead on its new office.

Key points:Featuring a new design studio at the heart of the university’s research centre, the studio is a major step in Monash’s move into design and digital entertainment research.

Key games to be developed by the team include the forthcoming mobile puzzler, “Frozen”, a collaboration between Monash and Disney.

It will be run by Professor of Design, John Kavanagh, who is a graduate of the Monash Institute of Technology.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the team as a senior associate,” Professor Kavanah said.

“As the centre’s research arm we work in a variety of areas across the field of games, and this will be a real exciting challenge.”

Frozen is one of our most popular and recognised titles, and we’re excited to work with Disney and Disney Imagineering to bring it to life.

“It’s going to be a fascinating experience for all involved.”

In a blog post published on the university website, Professor Kavanegh said the new studio will be the “next step in the development of Frozen’s brand identity”.

“Frosted Flakes has a long history of being a creative, creative company, and I am excited to help them achieve their vision for Frozen,” he said.

Key game projects include a collaboration with Disney on “Frosty” from Frozen creators Anna and Elsa, and a new game design project with the “frozen” studio, “Polaris”.

“Polarus is a project that I think the Frozen studio is very excited about, and it’s an exciting opportunity to work on this project,” Professor Gavaneg said.

Frozen’s “Frodo” was developed at Monash in the 1990s, and has become a hit with children and families around the world.

The studio’s new role will bring its work to a new audience, with the university planning to be one of the first institutions in Australia to host an official Frozen convention, with events and competitions being planned for the new space.

“This will also help the university and our faculty members better understand how the Frozen brand and characters are connected to the university,” Professor Tregal said.

In addition to the Frozen games, the university will host a series of educational events for Frozen fans in the next two years.

The new space is part of a $3.3 million expansion to the Monachrome Centre, and the university said the additional space will allow the centre to host exhibitions, interactive games, concerts and other educational events.

The university is also developing a new video game research centre and will soon launch a mobile game research and development centre, which will be used by universities around the country.