Game design champs: ‘Pokémon GO’ game designers and writers get together for podcast

The Game Design Champs, the creative and technical teams behind the most popular games in the Pokémon GO and Pokémon GO+ social games, have agreed to a podcast to discuss how they make the games they create.

The podcast, titled The Pokémon GO: Design Story, will be hosted by Brian Wiebe, an industry veteran and Pokémon creator, and Willy de La Cruz, a seasoned veteran of the design game and Pokémon industry.

The two former Nintendo of America employees will talk about what makes a good Pokémon design and how to make the best Pokémon design, said co-founder and co-creator of the podcast, Willy.

The three-day podcast will feature talks from both design and technology experts, as well as games and technology journalists and writers, and will take place over the next few weeks.

Willy said it will also feature game design sessions from some of the top game design teams around the world, including Microsoft, Blizzard, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Ubisoft London, and Microsoft’s own Seattle office.

The Game Design Champ podcast will include:The podcast will begin on Tuesday, May 20 and conclude on Tuesday May 29.

The podcasts will air in the coming weeks.

The format will be:Each podcast will be three-days long, and each day will focus on a different topic, like design, technology, and business.

Willyme is the host and will be joined by the three-time Game Design Champions, Wiebbe and de La Rubert, who are currently at Microsoft.

They’ll also discuss the games themselves and the work that goes into them.

The podcast will follow a theme that will be determined by the subject.

The theme will be something like “game design is a human process” or “designing a good game is the art of making the game.”

The podcast also will include segments on game design from other industry leaders and game designers.

The podcasts will be available to listen on the podcast’s website, and the three winners will each receive a copy of the show, and a $500 prize.

They will also each receive the ability to host their own podcast, which will be announced on May 31.

Wiebbee is a designer at Microsoft and de la Rubert is a game designer at Nintendo of Europe.

Wiebecs podcast will run from April 27 to May 4.