Apple unveils new iPad Air with a new stylus design

The Apple iPad Air was a bit of a surprise last year, but now Apple is adding a new design to the device.

The new styluses have been available in the iPad Mini and iPad Air as well as the new iPad Pro.

The Air has been available since last fall, but the new stylids will launch with the iPad Air 2 and the new Air Pro 4, which is a new model with a stylus.

The design for the stylus will be different than the ones available on the new iPads, and it will feature an aluminum body.

The stylus is going to be a touch sensitive device, which makes it feel a bit more like a pen.

The iPad Air will also get the new Siri Voice Recognition technology, which will allow it to talk to the iPad Pro and the iPad mini.

The Apple Pencil and the Apple Pen are also going to get new features.

The current iPad Pro is the only iPad Pro that has not been upgraded to the new Apple Pen.

That is because Apple stopped producing the iPad Pen, which was a cheaper alternative to the Apple pencil.

Apple is now selling the new pen for $299, which doesn’t include the new touch screen stylus, which adds $50 to the price.

Apple will also offer two new iPads with the new Touch ID sensor.

The Touch ID scanner has been around for some time and is a more secure way of using your phone.

The company is still not making it available to the public, but we expect to see it in the next year or so.

Apple has also released a new iOS app for the new Pencil, which we have seen on the iPad for a few months now.

It will allow you to create and share sketches on the screen with a tap on the styluses.