A woman in India says she was asked to design a game with the word ‘sex’ in it

The design of a game that uses the word “sex” in its title has angered a woman in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, according to a tweet from the developer.

The game, which has been in development for over a year, asks players to create an avatar that is of a woman, a man, a dwarf and a fox, the developers said in a tweet on Wednesday.

The tweet has since been deleted.

However, a screenshot posted by the developer showed that a “sex-based avatar” has been added to the game.

The avatar has been removed, but the game still contains the word, the developer tweeted.

“The ‘sex-like’ avatar has also been removed from the game, but a screenshot has been made and this has been confirmed by the team,” the developer said in the tweet.

The developer said it has been trying to get the word removed from its game, according with the tweet:”This is a serious matter and it’s not something we’re proud of.”

“The game is not the only one with the ‘sexy’ word, as other games have included the word in their titles as well,” the developers added.

“Our team has been investigating this issue and has received feedback from players, but we cannot provide a statement on the matter as we have yet to receive an official complaint.”

The developers have been in touch with the state’s minister for home affairs, the state government spokesperson said.

“We have informed the relevant agencies and we will take action if necessary,” the spokesperson said, adding that the ministry is monitoring the situation.

“This kind of behaviour does not belong in a game, nor should it be tolerated,” he said.